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Photo: 13, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Zalmen Reiss And Associates Inc. (, dba Digital Distributors (, aka Digital Etc. (
171 47 St.
Address from Z Reiss web site and whois. At the BBB this address used to appear, but that page now has 129 31st St, which is an address they haven’t used in years. Long ago they were in a small building at 150 20th St. This here is two buildings. #171 is the building to the right. The large overhead door at the left is to the loading dock they are using. now redirects to now has no address at site and whois is cloaked. From a sign inside front door you can see they are also distributors for other camera dealers.

Zalmen Reiss And Associates Inc [Click for larger picture (1936 × 768)]