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Photo: 26, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
A. Heffco Technologies Inc., dba Let’s Go Digital (, PricesRite (,, and, aka Digital Busters, dba
1643 McDonald Ave.
This picture from November 2003. There is a new awning and the sign is no longer on the door. See 2001 pictures: storefront and closeup of the paper sign. The following week the pile was still in front. It was windy. I could see large boxes labeled Zenith underneath. Possibly large TVs (which they sell under the Hypaudio name). There was a delivery of electronic equipment taking place when I was taking this picture. In the past they used Editor’s Choice ( 1502 Kings Highway was at one time used at Cnet and the website had it as the mail address, with 1643 McDonald Ave as Brooklyn pickup facility. Then Hype Audio had 108 Ryder Ave as only address. Note Heffez is one of the lawyers listed on the sign. Heffco is a contraction of that and "company." At one time 936 Kings Highway, Midwood was used for Digital Busters and was also in the NY entity database for A. Heffco Technologies, Inc. Some phone numbers reversed to 936 Kings Highway. Also see Sept 2005 picture. Now out of business.

A. Heffco Technologies Inc