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FCI Tech NY Inc., dba
680 Myrtle Ave, South Williamsburg
This is the address now on the website. This is near the entity database address. Also see full building picture and closeup of sign. The previous address on the website was 8616 5th Ave, Bay Ridge. Possibly in an upstairs apartment. The intercoms that were outside of the locked door were unlabeled. Before that they were at 171 Washington Park, Fort Greene. A check of that intercom found FCI Tech Inc. for #1, so they were using the ground floor. Whois was cloaked. Fax number has 609 area code, which is Southern New Jersey. The address in the NY entity database is 717 Bedford Ave #1, a large apartment building in South Williamsburg and just around the corner from 417 Flushing Ave, their first known location. The text on their aboutus page exactly matches the text on’s aboutus page.

FCI Tech NY Inc [Click for larger picture (2336 × 1752)]