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Photo: 71, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Big Easy Cameras LLC, dba,,, SLR Hut,, aka SSE, Sunset Electronics, dba, Amazon Storefront,
226 Beach 101 St, Rockaway Park, Queens
New address for them. They use the entire building. Address on web site contact page., redirect to SLR Hut sells to the UK market, but ships from the US. The gimmick is by shipping from the US they don’t collect VAT, and they declare a low value to avoid import duties. On the SLR Hut site are two addresses: The mailing address of 336 Kennington Ln, London is a Mailboxes ETC store. The warranty returns address, 18 Greenside Drive, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, is a home labeled First Digital Repairs on Google Maps. Sunset Electronics, aka SSE, has eBay and Amazon storefronts. On this Citysquares page Sunset Electronics is located at one of their former addresses. There is no connection to the Sunset Electronics in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which is listed elsewhere on this page. Nothing for Fumfie, LLC in the NY State entity database, yet on this BBB page it claims they were incorporated on 1/1/2008 in NY. Based on the nameserver used for, a trademark application for SSE, and they registered in the past, the true corporate name is Big Easy Cameras LLC. It was registered through United States Corporation Agents, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, cloaking the connection. Some of the entries at RipOffReports are new. Many threads at CNET Forums. Mixed reviews at Yelp.

Formerly at 3522 Flatlands Ave, Marine Park. (They were in the storefront. They didn’t bother to remove the awning of the prior tenant.) Whois now cloaked. But before about 19-Mar-2009 it was registered to a home at 1151 East 4th St, Brooklyn. They had been an eBay seller under the JerseyPhotoStore name since May 1999. On 11-May-2008 was registered by the same fellow as, but using 1336 East 7th St, Brooklyn and (866) 666-9198. That domain and for a period redirected to Now all those domains defunct. That phone number googled to fumfie (then changed on the site) and to the eBay dealer jeseyphoto [sic], also active since 1999. (now defunct) shared 877-770-3131 with TheFotoSource, but used the address 1590 W. 8th St (a large apartment building) on their website. registered to this address on 03-Dec-2009. It redirected to the eBay store. Now defunct. redirected to, but is now defunct. Other domains used in the past:,,,,,,, More on them can be found at Thoughts-Of-Dave blog.

Big Easy Cameras LLC