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Photo: 136, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Delta Marketing Corp., dba 47th Street Photo of New York (,, aka Photo Video Computers Electronics
1635 McDonald Ave.
New location for this dealer (and better for shipping and receiving). I came upon it in January 2009. A July 2014 visit found they have doubled the street frontage and added new awnings. Here is a May 2009 picture.
Formerly at: 395 Kings Highway, Bensonhurst
While no street address was at the web site, this was the address listed in the phone directory for the Delta and 47thSt names. Also the address in the NY entity database. The whois had a box in the post office with the same zip code as this address. The phone number on the whois reversed to 47th St Photo at this address. Photo Video Computers Electronics used the same phone number, and was listed in the phone directory and at this address (and other directory sites). They are also a surplus club that sells on eBay and on Amazon. At one time they owned which they redirected to (but Nikon took it). In 2004 it read Delta Marketing Inc. on the door. Legal name is Corp., not Inc. By May 2006, when this was taken, the Inc was scraped off. They are the US distributor for They left here before January 2009. At this old location all signs and the awning are gone and a for rent sign is on the building.

Delta Marketing Corp [Click for larger picture (2336 × 1248)]