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Photo: 159, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Broadway Family: DCD Marketing LLC, dba,,,,,, aka Intercept LLC, dba Intercept Advertising and Marketing,
2744 Atlantic Ave., Broadway Junction
Site is a merchant site with independent vendors. The whois for had the same phone number as found on DCD Marketing’s home page. And the whois and corporate entity addresses of DCD and Intercept are the same 2744 Atlantic Ave. When passing by in May 2007, and again in January 2008, there was a building for sale sign out front, though a check found the address still on the ShopCartUSA site after that. Observed in my January 2008 pass-by is the building on the corner to the right of this picture goes along with this. It is painted the same and has the same for sale sign. appears to no longer be. Other sites shut down after the Texas AG sued them for fraud. See Price comparison Web sites may not be trustworthy. Actual business itself may not have gone out of business, but all these price search engine sites are shut down.

Broadway Family: DCD Marketing LLC [Click for larger picture (1248 × 568)]