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B&H Brooklyn Warehouse
Brooklyn Navy Yard, South Williamsburg
I was passing by and saw their warehouse in the distance. So I took this photo through the chain link fence. This is as close as I could get, as the yard is off-limits to the public. Just as I was taking the picture the white truck pulled in front, and then didn’t move. Also see retail location in Manhattan. Update: The pictured warehouse has four stories and covers 160,000 square feet. B&H plans to construct a building in the yard that will probably be six stories with 600,000 square feet. The new building, expected to cost more than $50 million and to be one of the largest new multistory industrial buildings in the city, is likely to house several offices now in Manhattan. The number of B&H workers in Brooklyn is expected to rise from more than 200 today to as many as 900. [NY Times] In October 2013 they announced that they would move the warehouse to upstate NY after their lease here expires in 2017. They also have a warehouse in Bushwick. Location unknown.

B&H Brooklyn Warehouse; Brooklyn Navy Yard