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Photo: 191, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Mavco Electronics Inc.,
1474 East 31st Street, Suite 6
This was a new address found on their web site. Now removed. This is the back of 2815 Nostrand Ave where they had a storefront. Their former storefront is now an Italian sushi restaurant (which expanded from the adjacent storefront). There was no label on the intercom for Suite 6. In the 2815 Nostrand picture note sign in second floor window saying office for rent. The whois record for still has the 2815 Nostrand Ave address. The NY entity database has 1811 Ave T. When in the storefront they also used A Plus Wireless and A Plus Wireless name from reverse lookup on (718) 258-3100, which was on the website, and was on the awning of the storefront. Website now has (646) 416-6203, which does not reverse. Site now defunct. They left behind some unhappy customers. See: ResellerRatings.

Mavco Electronics Inc