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HotBuys Electronics, Inc., dba, aka Taaffe Photo,; aka L and T Electronics, dba, aka Myrtle Electronics,, aka, aka Lorimer Electronics,, aka Clinton Hill Electronics,
125 Taaffe Pl., South Williamsburg

No address on Taaffe Photo site, but they being here is obvious from this picture. The pictured awning is now the only sign on the building. Picture taken April 2007. All domains now out of business. The Taaffe St location is now a home care agency.

Older pictures at this location:Other domain names used:
  • was their original domain name back in 2002. The original location was 545 Broadway [picture taken on a Sunday]. For returns they used 12 Boerum St, which is the back entrance to 545 Broadway. Sign has something to do with girls. See Scott’s Timeline of his experience with this dealer.
  • L and T Electronics, at 180 Division Avenue, South Williamsburg. Address was on web site. When the site was new, in the code for the policies page was Hot Buys Electronics. The white sign on the building’s front is for a kitchen on the basement level. When biking by in Jan 2008 I found that the wall fan behind the fellow has been replaced with a large duct going up the front of the building (where the fire escape and windows aren’t).
  • Myrtle Electronics, at 145 Middleton St, which isn’t too far from here. Address found in whois record. Plus the phone number in the whois reversed to Hot Buys at this address. And see connection at ResellerRatings page.
  • Lorimer Electronics, at 119 Lorimer St. It also isn’t too far from here. No address at website. This address from whois. Domain registered 10-May-2009. Phone number in registration does not reverse. They have a page at ResellerRatings. A check of the web site found it identical to the site and very similar to the site.
  • Clinton Hill Electronics, was registered in May 2009. They were connected to here as a phone number buried in the code belonged to Taaffe.
HotBuys Electronics [Click for larger picture (1088 × 1176)]