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Photo: 216, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
High Point Cameras,, Sky Point Digital,, Bingo Camera,, Diplomat Cameras,, Photo Vad,
14A 53rd St., 7th fl.
Address was on High Point web site. High Point domain registered 07-Jul-2008 and has been anonymous since the beginning. Entrance is the gray door at the bottom. I went up to the 7th floor. An unmarked double doors were open and I saw boxes of electronic equipment inside. Evidence is this company is run by the same people that ran the now defunct Express Camera family. registered on 29-June-2009. Sky Point confirmed to be here as they gave out this address for a return. registered 23-Mar-2009. Bingo being here confirmed by the BBB. Bingo is now a crude search page. DiplomatCameras from Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog. At Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog a comment says the PhotoVad shipping department is here. No websites are functioning. A visit in November 2011 found them no longer there. PhotoVad used PO Box 230837, 344 Ave U, Gravesend 11223 on its website. PhotoVad registered 20-Sep-2010 and is anonymous. More info at ResellerRatings. At Thoughts-Of-Dave Blog a comment says their shipping department is at the address here.

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