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Broadway Family: Click4Digital, LLC,, aka Click For Digital,; aka Inc.; aka, aka Digital Megastore
1722 East 28th St, Marine Park
For DailyCheckout this address was in the NY entity database, but then it was changed to 2812 Quentin Road (which is just around the corner, and is the home of Alan Shrem, the fellow that runs DailyCheckout). Inc. was incorporated 15-May-2009. The domain was created 12-May-2009. For Click4Digital this address was on their Contact Page. Click4Digital was formerly at 287 3rd Avenue under a different corporate name, but that business went under owing money to Broadway for drop shipments. Now Digital Megastore is telling people to return items to at this address.

Broadway Family: Click4Digital [Click for larger picture (1536 × 1408)]