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Active Atom, aka Power Seller NYC, Inc., dba, aka
3670-3672 Nostrand Ave., Sheepshead Bay
This address had been two dealers: 888 using 3674 and B&Y/Marcus Audio Video/ using 3670. It is now combined inside. Web site invites you to visit their retail store, but the address is not listed. An awning picture on the site [now gone] lacked the Active-Atom name (Photoshopped off), but a June 2009 site visit found it the same as the picture here. One of the owners died, and a memorial is painted on a shutter. PowerSellerNYC appears in the DealCost code, plus there are a couple of suspicious reviews for PowerSellerNYC that are actually reviewing DealCost. It looks like the person pasting in the review pasted in the wrong ones!

Update July 2014: Both websites defunct. A site visit finds a pawn shop in the right storefront (3670). Simple Mobile Solutions having a Grand Opening in the left one (3674). And some construction activity was going on in the middle (3672).

Other addresses used:
  • 916 Avenue T, Gravesend is the billing address from the web site. The defunct used this address in their whois back in May 2006. Then it was cloaked. Entity database now has this address.
  • 1641 McDonald Ave, Suite 200 was used at one time in the NY entity database for Power Seller. It is the storefront that appears here for the defunct Big On Digital. Suite 200 is now being used by the brother of the deli that moved into the ground floor there.
  • 2167 E. 21st St, Suite 142 is the address that was registered at. It is a Mailboxes of Brooklyn that is 0.9 miles from here.
Active Atom [Click for larger picture (1936 × 1296)]