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Photo: 268, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Digitals Future Eco, Inc., dba
2515 86th Street, Bensonhurst
Domain is anonymous and registered October 2008. Web site only has Brooklyn cell phone number as a clue. This address from NY entity database. Corporation registered 01-Dec-2008. While this picture was taken on a Sunday, a weekday visit found the left shutters the same. Just a lot more cars. While I was in front on the sidewalk a fellow saw me taking out my camera. He ran back and went in the door on the right. Then another fellow came out to look. This suspicious activity leads me to believe that this dealer is operating out of the door to the right. Were that only a mortgage company they would not be concerned over a bicyclist on a public sidewalk with a camera. Note the street number on the awning is a little different. This is behind a large storefront that had been a Blockbuster and it covered many street numbers. Update: Address confirmed in this discussion. Now out of business. Real comments at Reseller Ratings stopped in May 2009.

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