Index for Album F-2000-09-02: Foraging in Prospect Park - Sept 02, 2000

Based on a walk given by "Wildman" Steve Brill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. These are in Fine compression, so clearer and bigger than if Normal compression was used.

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1 Cornelian cherries Cornelian cherries. Fruits are all gone now.
Scientific name: Cornus mas

2 Lady's thumb Lady’s thumb. A mild salad green. Flowers also edible, but leaves taste better. In smartweed family.
Scientific name: Polygonum persicaria

3 Common plantain Common plantain. Leaves can be put on mosquito bites.
Scientific name: Plantago major

4 Common plantain seeds Common plantain seeds. Good for constipation. Can grind up and use as egg replacer.
Scientific name: Plantago major

5 Poor man's pepper Poor man’s pepper
Scientific name: Lepidium virginicum

6 Bottlebrush buckeye Bottlebrush buckeye. Wildman didn’t know this one. Identified with help on the web. All parts may cause mild stomach upset if ingested.
Scientific name: Aesculus parviflora

7 Fruit from the mystery plant Fruit from the mystery plant.
Scientific name: Aesculus parviflora

8 Lamb's quarters Lamb’s quarters. With spots on leaves.
Scientific name: Chenopodium album

9 Epazote Epazote
Scientific name: Chenopodium ambrosioides

10 Stink horn mushroom Stink horn mushroom. Flies land on it and spread the spores.

11 Ringless honey mushroom Ringless honey mushroom. Note color. Edible after cooking. Get sick if eaten raw. Very delicious.

12 Virginia knotweed Virginia knotweed. For kids to play with. Not edible.
Scientific name: Polygonum virginianum

13 Amaranth Amaranth
Scientific name: Amarantus retroflexus

14 Wood sorrel Wood sorrel
Scientific name: Oxalis acetosella

15 Burdock Burdock, 1st year
Scientific name: Arctium species

16 Burdock root that a tour participant dug up Burdock root that a tour participant dug up.
Scientific name: Arctium species

17 Burdock Burdock, 2nd year
Scientific name: Arctium species

18 Puff ball mushroom covered with mold Puff ball mushroom covered with mold. Poisonous.

19 Grape leaves Grape leaves. Grapes not ready. Can see a couple green ones behind the leaves.

20 Kousa dogwood Kousa dogwood. From Japan.
Scientific name: Cornus kousa

21 Kousa dogwood fruits Kousa dogwood fruits
Scientific name: Cornus kousa

22 Chicken mushroom Chicken mushroom. Two weeks too old.
Scientific name: Laetiporus sulphureus

23 Guilder rose Guilder rose. Very bitter but not poisonous. In viburnum family.

24 Elderberry Elderberry. So many berries the branches are drooping. Berries are better cooked. Stems poisonous, so you have to pull all the berries off.
Scientific name: Sambucus canadensis

25 Virginia creeper Virginia creeper. Poisonous.
Scientific name: Parthenocissus quinquefolia

26 Greater ragweed Greater ragweed. Allergenic, not edible.
Scientific name: Ambrosia trifida

27 Common ragweed Common ragweed. Allergenic, not edible.
Scientific name: Ambrosia artemisiifolia

28 Poison ivy Poison ivy
Scientific name: Toxicodendron radicans

29 Common nightshade Common nightshade. Poisonous.
Scientific name: Solanum nigrum

30 Mugwort Mugwort
Scientific name: Artemisia vulgaris

31 Buckeye chestnut Buckeye chestnut. American version of horse chestnut. Poisonous.
Scientific name: Aesculus

32 Small toad Small toad

33 Garlic mustard Garlic mustard, 2nd year. Seeds are edible.
Scientific name: Alliaria officinalis

34 Garlic mustard Garlic mustard, 1st year. Leaves are edible in spring and fall.
Scientific name: Alliaria officinalis

35 Garlic mustard root Garlic mustard root. Like horsradish.
Scientific name: Alliaria officinalis

36 Sassafras Sassafras
Scientific name: Sassafras albidum

37 Sassafras root Sassafras root. Boil for tea.
Scientific name: Sassafras albidum

38 Sweet gum Sweet gum. Smells like furniture polish. Not edible.

39 Jewelweed Jewelweed
Scientific name: Impatiens capensis

40 Jewelweed flowers Jewelweed flowers
Scientific name: Impatiens capensis

41 Jewelweed seed pods Jewelweed seed pods.
Scientific name: Impatiens capensis

42 Jewelweed seeds Jewelweed seeds. Can eat seeds, but not flowers.
Scientific name: Impatiens capensis

43 Beech tree Beech tree
Scientific name: Fagus

44 Beech nut husk Beech nut husk
Scientific name: Fagus

45 Yellow watercress Yellow watercress
Scientific name: Rorippa islandica

46 Black walnut Black walnut. Still early, return in October.
Scientific name: Juglans nigra

47 Praying mantis Praying mantis. It has a beetle, which you can’t see here.

48 Purple flowering raspberry Purple flowering raspberry. Didn’t fruit well this year.
Scientific name: Rubus odoratus

49 Gout weed and Eve Gout weed and Eve.
Scientific name: Aegopodium podagraria

50 Hawthorne Hawthorne
Scientific name: Crataegus species

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