Index for Album F-2001-04-22: Foraging in Prospect Park - April 22, 2001

Based on a tour given by "Wildman" Steve Brill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

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1 Group photo of the tour participants Group photo of the tour participants. Missing one woman that was hiding, one fellow that didn’t want to be in it, and me. 2 Shepherd's purse Shepherd’s purse
Scientific name: Capsella bursa-pastoris
3 Shepherd's purse flower Shepherd’s purse flower. Note four petals.
Scientific name: Capsella bursa-pastoris
4 A more mature shepherd's purse A more mature shepherd’s purse.
Scientific name: Capsella bursa-pastoris
5 Chickweed Chickweed
Scientific name: Stellaria media
6 Chickweed flower closeup Chickweed flower closeup
Scientific name: Stellaria media
7 Common blue violet Common blue violet. Can eat leaves and flowers. Root is poisonous.
Scientific name: Viola papilionacea
8 Blue violet flower Blue violet flower
Scientific name: Viola papilionacea
9 Gout weed Gout weed
Scientific name: Aegopodium podagraria
10 Gout weed closeup Gout weed closeup
Scientific name: Aegopodium podagraria
11 Field garlic Field garlic. Leaves are a little mild this time of year.
Scientific name: Allium vineale
12 Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem. Poisonous. Looks somewhat like field garlic, but has no onion smell.
Scientific name: Ornithogalum arabicum
13 Lesser celandine Lesser celandine. Edibility unknown.
Scientific name: Ranunculus ficaria
14 Japanese knotweed Japanese knotweed. End of season.
Scientific name: Fallopia japonica
15 Hercules club Hercules club, or devil’s walking stick.
Scientific name: Aralia spinosa
16 Red bud Red bud. A week too early.
Scientific name: Cercis canadensis
17 Red bud closeup Red bud closeup
Scientific name: Cercis canadensis
18 Burdock Burdock. Note whire underneath leaves.
Scientific name: Arctium species
19 Burdock burr closeup Burdock burr closeup. Note little hooks.
Scientific name: Arctium species
20 Burdock root Burdock root
Scientific name: Arctium species
21 Bitter dock Bitter dock. Leaves too bitter to eat. Note red on leaf.
Scientific name: Rumex obtusifolius
22 Garlic mustard Garlic mustard
Scientific name: Alliaria officinalis
23 Garlic mustard root Garlic mustard root. Tastes like horseradish.
Scientific name: Alliaria officinalis
24 Common spice bush flower closeup Common spice bush flower closeup. Too early.
Scientific name: Lindera benzoin
25 Greater celandine Greater celandine. Very poisonous. Has orange sap. In poppy family. 26 Plum tree Plum tree
27 Parsnips Parsnips. Only good until the end of April. Then again in fall.
Scientific name: Pastinaca sativa
28 Parsnip root Parsnip root
Scientific name: Pastinaca sativa
29 Geese nesting Geese nesting 30 Asiatic day lily Asiatic day lily. Shoots going out of season.
Scientific name: Hemerocallis
31 Tubers of day lily Tubers of day lily. A way to identify them. Tubers probably edible, but not worth it.
Scientific name: Hemerocallis
32 Poor man's pepper Poor man’s pepper
Scientific name: Lepidium virginicum
33 Common plantain Common plantain
Scientific name: Plantago major
34 Curly dock Curly dock, or called yellow dock (root is yellow). Only in season through May.
Scientific name: Rumex crispus
35 Hedge mustard Hedge mustard
Scientific name: Sisymbrium officinale
36 Dandelion flower Dandelion flower. Edible.
Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale
37 Wineberries Wineberries, or Asian raspberry.
Scientific name: Rubus phoenicolasius
38 Wineberries Wineberries. Note hairy thorns.
Scientific name: Rubus phoenicolasius
39 Juneberry Juneberry, or service berry. Berries in season in June.
Scientific name: Amelanchier species
40 Common primrose stalk from last year Common primrose stalk from last year.
Scientific name: Oenothera biennis
41 Cattails from last year Cattails from last year.
Scientific name: Typha latifolia
42 Winter cress Winter cress. Rather bitter.
43 Common primrose leaves Common primrose leaves
Scientific name: Oenothera biennis
44 Thistle Thistle. Root tastes like potato.
45 Wild carrot (Queen Anne's lace) Wild carrot (Queen Anne’s lace) 46 Wild carrot root Wild carrot root

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