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Photo: 62, Album: Manhattan StoreFronts
Supreme Camera,, aka Save Rite Photo,
417-419 Lafayette St, Noho
The building on the left is 419 and the right is 417. The 417 address is on Supreme’s contact page. 419 address is for Supreme returns. But I did not find any name like this around or on intercoms. They have never been at this address. It is totally made up. Mail from the BBB to this address gets returned. registered 2007-02-27 and is now anonymous. Web site didn’t appear until September 2009. No corporate entity found. HotForDigital found by searching on Supreme’s phone number and confirmed to be the same as the site uses Supreme in the title tag. registered 2009-04-06 and is anonymous. All of these are simply new domain names for AllStar Cameras, a long time dealer based in Brooklyn. Charges are posted as MegaWholesale and correspondence comes from Moussa Swed (see name on Google search). The SaveRitePhoto connection confirmed by Thoughts Of Dave and post. Hot For Digital,, used in the past and no longer used. All websites now defunct.

Supreme Camera