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Photo: 20 of 34, Album: Middle Caicos 2007
The sign for Conch Bar Caves. These limestone caves are the largest in the Caicos Islands. They continue underground for great distances and some believe there are tunnels that reach to the sea.
In the 1880’s, the caves were mined for "guana" or bat manure. For 10 years, until the supply was exhausted, this "cave earth" was exported overseas where fertilizer was in great demand.
During this time, evidence of Lucayan habitation was unearthed. These aboriginal people used the caves as places of worship and as shelters during hurricanes. Artifacts include two wooden stools and some crude bedsteads of forked sticks.
To see the map click on the web sized picture and be sure your browser isn’t choking the size. They are administered by The Turks & Caicos National Trust.

The sign for Conch Bar Caves [Click for larger picture (1936 × 1296)]