Street Actions and Memorials

Some of the actions undertaken by Right Of Way over the years. Mostly the stenciling of memorials to pedestrians and bicyclists killed by automobiles.

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14 20 Is Plenty Signs on Prospect Park West Pictures of traffic poles and signs on Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY. Pictures taken early morning (7:00 - 7:15) November 25, 2013. Click web-sized picture for original-sized one.
25 Street Memorials - August 10, 2013 Pictures of Street Memorials painted in New York City on August 10, 2013. Nine stenciled memorials to pedestrians and a cyclist killed by automobiles, trucks, a police van and a bus.
19 Street Memorials - December 18, 2005 Pictures of five memorials to pedestrians killed by automobiles. Painted on December 18, 2005. See Right Of Way for more information.
11 Jose Aaron Nuñez Memorial Pictures taken at a memorial stenciling for Jose Aaron Nuñez, who was hit by a car and died while playing hide-and-seek among the parked cars. In front of Ditmars Park on Steinway St between Ditmars Blvd and 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens.
12 Street Memorials - May 25, 2003 Pictures of Street Memorials painted on May 25, 2003. See Right Of Way for more information.
8 Street Memorials - 2000 Pictures of Street Memorials painted 9 Dec 2000. These are a few of the pedestrians that were killed by motorists in Manhattan during the year 2000. For more info see Right Of Way.
16 Street Memorials - 1999 Upper Bronx Pictures - 20 March 1999. See Right Of Way for more information.

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