Ron Hoggan & Don Wiss

I have heard reports of a dairy-free diet clearing up acne, but then I've 
heard others say that it doesn't work for them. I know of two teenage girls
in Calgary where a gluten-free diet worked to clear up their acne. The 
results are mixed, and I don't know whether that is due to the diet only 
helping some sub-category of acne, or if it is ineffective when the diet is 
not followed strictly.  

I highly recommend the following article:
1. Lutz, W.J., "The Colonisation of Europe and Our Western Diseases", Medical
Hypotheses, Vol. 45, pages 115-120, 1995

Here is a quote from the first page:
"In over thirty years of clinical practice, I have found, as published in
numerous papers and several books (3, 4), that diet works well against
Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, heart failure,
*acne* and other problems."

Dr. Lutz goes on to demonstrate that there is a clear, inverse relationship 
between civilisatory diseases and the length of time the people of a given 
region of Europe have had to adapt to the high carbohydrate diet associated 
with the cultivation of cereal grains that was begun in the Near East, and
spread very slowly through Europe.

For those who are troubled by acne, perhaps a few weeks on a strict
gluten-free diet will reveal whether it would be beneficial for them
to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle. 

2. Lutz, W J, , Leben ohme Brot, 12th edn. Planegg: Selecta Verlag, 1992.
(In English: Dismantling a Myth: The role of Fat and Carbohydrates in Our
Diet, Springfield, Ill; Charles Thomas, 1987.

3. Lutz, W J, Arterioselerose und Krebs - Fette oder Kohlenhydrate? Weiner
Med Wschr 1989: 101(12):429.

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