From: Ron Hoggan
Date: 18-JUN-1996 23:58

I see a connection between gluten intolerance and Alzheimer's. The logical
progression from what I am suggesting is that cortical atrophy is an ongoing
process, from as early as adolescence, where gliadins enter the blood
through the leaky gut, swamp the blood brain barrier, and attach to the
ICAM-1's in the microvessels. An autoimmune response to the gliadins results
in the destruction of both the gliadin molecule, and the ICAM, which is
followed by a tiny, tiny stroke. Repeat this process over many years of
gluten ingestion, and you have the cortical damage that we see in
Alzheimer's. The presence of aluminum at these sites may be the result of
heavy salt ingestion (very common among gluten intolerance folks due to
reductions in bile salts, due to atresia (partial or total blockage of the
bile duct). As salt is a very common source of aluminum, and sodium is used
in neurotransmission, I believe there is some basis for a hypothesis. I have
some ideas about the fibulary tangles, but am not yet clear enough on the
matter to discuss it.