Wray, D "Gluten-Sensitive Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis" _Digestive Diseases
and Sciences_ 1981; 26(8): 737-740

"Twenty selected patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis in whom celiac
disease had been specifically excluded were placed on a gluten-free diet.
Five patients (25%) showed a favorable response to gluten withdrawal and a
positive gluten challenge. Jejunal morphology was normal in all patients
indicating gluten  sensitivity without enteropathy. Gluten withdrawal
provides a further method of treating some patients with recurrent aphthous

Given that this study confirms an earlier study (1) there seems to be good
support, should we ever need it, for the notion that gluten sensitivity may
demonstrate many of the same illnesses that are associated with cd, but
without villous atrophy. 

as cited in the above article (I haven't read this one):
1. Walker D, Rhodes J, Llewelyn J, Mead J, Dolby A, "Gluten hypersensitivity
in recurrent aphthous ulceration" _J Dent Res_ 1979; 58(special issue C): 1271