Cirrhosis is not always the result of excessive drinking. One study has 
established a link to celiac disease:
Lindgren et. al. "Unsuspected Coeliac Disease in Chronic Cryptogenic 
Liver Disease" Scand J Gastroenterol 1994; 29: 661-664

They cite a number of previous studies that have suggested a link between 
chronic liver disease and celiac disease, if you wish to investigate 

In the above-cited study, they examine 327 patients with liver disease, 
and detect an incidence of celiac disease among these patients that is 15 
times as frequent as the incidence in the general population.

Here are some more references I intend to look up and read, but haven't 
yet done so. 

1. Logan et. al. "Primary biliary cirrhosis and coeliac disease, an 
association?" Lancet 1978; 1: 230-233
2. Olsson et. al. "On the occurrence of primary biliary cirrhosis and 
intestinal villous atrophy" Scand J Gastroenterol 1982; 17: 625-628
3. Hagander et. al. "Hepatic injury in coeliac disease" Lancet 1977; 2: 
4. Jacobsen et al "Hepatic lesions in adult coeliac disease" Scand J 
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5. Mitchison et. al. "Hepatic abnormalities in coeliac disease: three 
cases of delayed diagnosis" Postgrad Med J 1989; 65:920-922

I hope that is helpful.
Best Wishes,
Ron Hoggan