From: Ron Hoggan
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 03:01:45 -0600

>What do you think causes "brain fog"?  

In a permeable intestine, partly digested proteins, called peptides, can
pass through the intestinal wall, and into the circulation. In the case of
milk proteins, eight distinct peptides, and in gliadin there are five
distinct peptides, all of which have been shown to be both psychoactive and
to bind to opioid receptors in the brain. 

In a limited sense, those who consume dairy proteins and gluten-containing
foods put themselves at risk of brain fog since the blood brain barrier
does not seem to bar these peptides from the central nervous system. There
are many conditions which are reported to cause intestinal permeability,
from yeast overgrowth to NSAIDS, to dietary antigens, to hormonal changes,
so the odds are good that we will all, at some time, experience some
increase in permeability. 

>What about "fatigue"?

Try taking small doses of morphine every few hours. You will find that you
become lethargic, feel constantly fatigued, and lapse into sleep almost any
time your mind isn't active. The conventional American diet is  loaded with
the potential for causing fatigue. 

The opioid peptides, I believe, function in a manner very similar to
morphine, although they are not as potent.  I have been writing a thesis on
the connections between ADHD and dairy and gluten proteins. Someday soon, I
hope I will finish, then I will make it available on the net. 

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