Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:10:47 GMT
From: (Ron Hoggan)
Subject: Re: seizures

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 19:33:10 -0700, Linda  wrote:

>My four year old daughter had a seizure episode about six weeks ago. 

Hi Linda, 
I would like to suggest that you consider getting her tested for celiac
disease. There is an associated epilepsy that, if caught quickly, will
completely resolve on appropriate treatment of celiac disease...... a
gluten-free diet. 

Many cases are not caught very quickly, as celiac disease is taught as a
gastrointestinal disease, not a neurological one. I will append some
references. Blood testing at her age is not as accurate as it is for older
kids or adults, so the endoscopic biopsy is the best bet. 

Of course, she may not have celiac disease. But if there is a chance for
her to experience total recovery, I think it is a possibility worth
investigating. As you can see from the dates of the reports, knowledge of
the association is very new.  

I hope that is helpful. 

Best Wishes,
Ron Hoggan

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