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Photo: 33 of 63, Album: Grand Turk 2007
Timco (Turks Islands Importers Ltd.) Built in the 1860’s, this building started life as a salt warehouse belonging to the Stubbs family who were the foremost plantation owners in the Caicos Islands and one of the foremost salt families of South Caicos and Grand Turk. On Grand Turk they rivaled the Frith brothers, and it was reputed that Mr. Stubbs built the warehouse after being goaded by the Friths that they owned Front Street. He, out of spite, then decided to locate his salt warehouse directly in-between the Frith’s two iron buildings at either end of Front Street, so that they woyld have to cross Stubb’s property on the daily trip between their establishments. The building later became the home of the Turks Islands Importers Ltd.

Timco (Turks Islands Importers Ltd [Click for larger picture (1936 × 1296)]