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Pictures taken at a memorial stenciling for Jose Aaron Nuñez, who was hit by a car and died while playing hide-and-seek among the parked cars. In front of Ditmars Park on Steinway St between Ditmars Blvd and 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens.

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1 Getting the stencils out Getting the stencils out.

2 Painting the outline Painting the outline.

3 Stenciling Stenciling.

4 Stenciling Stenciling.

5 Stenciling Stenciling.

6 Stenciling Stenciling.

7 Yvette speaking to the crowd Yvette speaking to the crowd.

8 After the stenciling After the stenciling.

9 After the stenciling After the stenciling.

10 The permanent memorial to Jose The permanent memorial to Jose.

11 Jose Aaron Nuñez Jose Aaron Nuñez

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