Index for Album PPW-20-signs: 20 Is Plenty Signs on Prospect Park West

Pictures of traffic poles and signs on Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY. Pictures taken early morning (7:00 - 7:15) November 25, 2013. Click web-sized picture for original-sized one.

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1 Union St Union St

2 Union St Union St

3 Carroll St Carroll St

4 Garfield Pl Garfield Pl

5 1st St 1st St

6 3rd St 3rd St

7 5th St 5th St

8 7th St 7th St

9 9th St 9th St

10 9th St 9th St

11 11th St 11th St

12 11th St 11th St

13 11th St 11th St

14 14th St 14th St

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