Silk Screened Christmas/Holiday Cards

In 1972 when I was in Boston I bought a box of Shosha Christmas cards I saw in a store. I liked the boldness. They were silk screened. I like screen printing. In the following years I sought out their cards. All but two of the below are by Shosha. They are no longer in business. Their trademark was first issued in 1952. They were based in New York City. Silk screened Christmas cards were never easy to find. One current vendor is Great Arrow Graphics, though you won't find the boldness and pure colors found here. And some handmade ones can be found on Etsy and elsewhere for a price. Colors printed range from two to four in the cards below. A few scans below have poor color. Someday I will photograph those with a camera.
1972: Shosha. My first box that I found in a Boston store. The next year my mother turned the card into a tag for a present back to me. The card is 4" × 4-7/8". All cards here have the same reduction, so the size relationships are the same.


1973: Shosha C40. While I don't recall the details in buying this card, in general the Shosha cards were always ordered from a sample book, at a department store like B. Altman's or Lord & Taylor's. Often I paid a premium to change the inside greeting to Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Many of the selected cards were generic enough that the default greeting was Happy Holidays, or something similar.


1974: George Jensen 38017. I bought this one in the NYC George Jensen store.


1975: Shosha X03


1976: Shosha X17. A very poor scan. That white is an intense yellow. The pink is orange (yellow printed over red).


1977: Shosha X07. At least the yellow appeared. But it should be an intense yellow, like the next card.


1978: Shosha X16


1979: Shosha X52


1980: Shosha X 50


1981: Shosha X59. All the Shosha cards have a light beige background. Though they scanned as white.


1982: The Crockett Collection. Design by Mike Barger. This one does have a white background. I probably simply picked up this box in a store. The Crockett Collection closed in about 2005. Though I found some new-old-stock ones designed by Dale Candace Jackson on eBay for sale by the artist.


1983: Shosha SC 110. The card does not look at all like this scan! Some squares are yellow. The blue dot should be green on yellow. All the pink backgrounds are really orange.


1984: Shosha S 169-4. They changed their stock numbering in this year. The last digit is the year.


1985: Shosha S 110-5


1986: Shosha S 142-6. These colors came out well.


1987: Shosha S 124-7


1988: Shosha S 158-8. This would make a nice stained-glass panel, though my stained-glass fellow says this would be hard to make.


1989: Shosha S 111-9. I have a full box of these. I bought them to send in 1989 and I never did. And I haven't sent any since.


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